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Friday, September 3, 2010

General Knowledge Facts - Part 29

1. Philips company was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips.

2. Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area.

3. "Blanchard" invented the Parachute.

4. The fastest human beings runs only about 30 kilometres per hour.

5. "a man a plan a canal panama" spelled backwards is still "a man a plan a canal panama".

6. The electronic video camera tube was invented in the 1920s.

1. The length of China wall was over 6,000 km (3,700 miles) long.

2. Adult cranes stand 5 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 7 feet.

3. Acupuncture treatment originated from over 5000 years ago in China.

4. Japan is the largest consumer of Amazon rainforest timber.

5. "White House" was designed by James Hoban, and built between 1792 and 1800.

6. "Alexander" became ill suddenly and died at age 32.


1. The venom of a stonefish can kill a human in two hours.

2. All dogs are identical in anatomy – 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth.

3. An adult human heart weighs about 10 ounces (284 gms).

4. One acre of trees removes up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

5. Kumaran (known as Kodi-kaattha Kumaran) was born on October 4, 1904 and died on January 11, 1932.

6. The chemical symbol of 'Gold' is 'Au'.


1. "Aryabhatta" was the first Indian Experimental Satellite launched on April 19, 1975.

2. "Guglielmo Marconi" invented the Radio.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film was "Hercules in New York" (1970).

4. Record for most runs in an test inning by a team is "952-6 d" by Srilanka, against India in 1997.

5. Record for least runs in an test inning by a team is "26" by New Zealand, against England in 1954.

6. The height of 'Kilimanjaro (Africa)' mountain is 19,340 feet (5,894m).


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